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The Poultry Federation Gives Scholarship Dollars to over 30 Students in Arkansas, Missouri and Oklahoma

Little Rock, AR –The Poultry Federation will give $131,000 in scholarships for the 2017-2018 academic year to 38 graduate and undergraduate students majoring in poultry related studies at Arkansas, Missouri and Oklahoma universities.

Graduate students receiving the Poultry Nutrition Scholarships from The Poultry Federation Feed Manufacturers Committee are:

  • Leasea Butler - UA Fayetteville
  • Antonio Beitia - UA Fayetteville
  • Katie Hilton - UA Fayetteville
  • Alyson Gautier - UA Fayetteville
  • Lesleigh Beer - UA Fayetteville
  • Mikayla Baxter - UA Fayetteville
  • Kyle Teague - UA Fayetteville

The undergraduate students receiving scholarships from the Allied Industries Scholarship Committee are:


  • Zachariah Rose - UA Fayetteville
  • Eleni Solberg - UA Fayetteville
  • Caleb Sherrill - Arkansas Tech University
  • Elizabeth Philpot - UA Fayetteville
  • Cecilia Gasca - UA Fayetteville
  • Makenly Coles - UA Fayetteville
  • Chase Riley - UA Fayetteville
  • Robert Helsley - UA Fayetteville
  • Danielle Edwards - UA Fayetteville
  • David Wahrmund - Arkansas Tech University
  • Chance Dearing - Southern AR University
  • Tristen Watson - UA Fayetteville
  • Mikaya Wallis - Southwest Baptist University of Missouri


  • Grant Tarvin - Arkansas Tech University
  • Holly Henry - UA Fayetteville
  • Valeria Cuadros Bloch - UA Fayetteville
  • Brock Daniels - UA Fayetteville
  • Isaiah Currie - Arkansas Tech University
  • Tatum Tarvin - Arkansas Tech University
  • Garrett Day - UA Fayetteville
  • Taw Scaff - Oklahoma State University
  • Jacob Burch-Konda - Oklahoma State University


  • Guillermo Tellez - UA Fayetteville
  • Shaina Denton - UA Fayetteville
  • Cole Crumpacker - UA Fayetteville
  • Kirsten Shafer - UA Fayetteville
  • Ashleigh Mueller - UA Fayetteville
  • Noah Burchfield - UA Fayetteville
  • Zachary Cain - UA Fayetteville
  • Jose Nunes - UA Fayetteville
  • Katherine Imhoff - Northwest Missouri State University

The Poultry Federation Scholarship Program is coordinated through a partnership with the Arkansas Community Foundation (ARCF). The scholarship recipients are selected in a collaborative effort by The
Poultry Federation and ARCF scholarship committees using established scoring guidelines.


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