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The Poultry Federation Announces Strategic Partnership with Be Pro Be Proud to Enhance Career Opportunities in the Poultry Industry

Little Rock, Arkansas — The Poultry Federation, a recognized leader in the poultry and egg industry, is excited to unveil a significant partnership with Be Pro Be Proud. This collaboration signifies a shared commitment to empower local communities, promote career opportunities in the poultry industry, and equip students with valuable skills.

This partnership involves a financial commitment of $50,000 per year as a Skilled Pro Partner and aims to provide poultry companies with unprecedented access to students at each Draft Day event and various locations across the state. With two dedicated trucks deployed strategically, this initiative enables poultry companies to actively engage with their local communities. “The Poultry Federation’s investment represents a significant next step in the growth and success of Be Pro Be Proud. We are grateful for the confidence and support and are optimistic about the results our combined efforts will produce,” stated Randy Zook, President of the Associated Industries of Arkansas Foundation, Inc., the operating entity of Be Pro Be Proud.

The collaboration serves as a beacon of hope for our local communities by disseminating information about job opportunities and careers within the poultry industry to community members. It also bolsters the industry by introducing local residents to employment prospects and career paths within close proximity to their homes. The primary target audience is students seeking career options, particularly those who may not be inclined towards traditional college paths. This partnership demonstrates that trade skills can lead to well-paying and rewarding careers.

As a result of this partnership, our members will gain direct access to local Draft Days, a hallmark of Be Pro Be Proud's outreach efforts. These events offer students a platform to explore various career options within the poultry industry, equipping them with essential skills such as resume building and interview techniques. Many participants have successfully secured employment opportunities and received specialized training through this program. The primary goal is to assist our member companies in finding and retaining employees who may not be aware that these skills can lead to prosperous careers in the poultry industry.

Key activities to be undertaken as part of this partnership include participation in Draft Days held at local high schools, community colleges, and four-year institutions of higher education.

"We are thrilled to join forces with Be Pro Be Proud in our mission to introduce more Arkansans to the wealth of career opportunities within the poultry industry. Our board of directors is dedicated to nurturing the future leaders of the industry, and we firmly believe that this partnership serves as the cornerstone to inspire the next generation to drive the industry's progress forward," stated Marvin Childers, President of The Poultry Federation.

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Is a trade association representing the poultry and egg industry in Arkansas, Missouri and Oklahoma. The federation promotes and protects the interests of the industry and provides a unified voice for governmental affairs. The Poultry Federation is based in Little Rock, AR., and has representation in Missouri and Oklahoma.

About Be Pro Be Proud

An initiative led by the Associated Industries of Arkansas Foundation is bringing a new generation of pride, progress & professionals to America’s skilled workforce. Learn more at beprobeproud.org


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