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Mass Animal Mortality Management Workshop

On April 18, 2017 in Raleigh, NC a Mass Animal Mortality Management Workshop will be held. Attendees will hear about Lessons Learned from Recent HPAI and NC Flood Events. This event will be a  pre-conference workshop as part of the 3rd International Waste to Worth conference on Livestock and Poultry Environmental Quality, a national network of agri-professionals addressing issues related to air, water, soil, and climate.

The workshop will provide seminars highlighting mass animal mortality response including biosecurity, euthanasia, disposal options, cleaning and disinfection, and lessons learned from recent highly pathogenic avian influenza and NC flood events.

Following the workshop field demonstrations will showcase various equipment and technologies used during mass animal mortality events to manage euthanasia, disposal, cleaning and disinfection. Turkey, chicken and swine compost windrows will be demonstrated and will include carbon sourcing, construction, management, turning and troubleshooting practices. Site selection assessment for both outdoor composting and on-site burial will also be covered. In-vessel composting will be demonstrated for routine mortalities.

When: April 18, 2017

Where: Raleigh, NC

Registration Fee: $100 includes lunch and transportation for tour

To register for the one day pre-conference workshop click here. For more information or to register for the full Waste to Worth Conference visit: wastetoworth.org.


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