Poultry Industry News

Jespersen Joins Jones-Hamilton as Poultry Nutritionist, Animal Nutritional Health Division

WALBRIDGE, OH -- Jones-Hamilton Co. announces Dr. Julianna Jespersen has joined the company as Poultry Nutritionist in the Animal Nutritional Health Division. In this role, Jespersen will leverage her technical acumen to support the sales and development of feed additive products, including AFG® - Animal Feed Grade.

Jones Hamilton Julianna Jespersen“Dr. Jespersen’s dynamic research background will significantly contribute to the ongoing success of our AFG®️product, and enhance the technical and engineering support we proudly offer to our valued customers,” said Division Manager, Dr. Juan Suarez.

Jespersen earned her Ph.D. in Animal Sciences from the University of Illinois where she focused on altering nutrient densities in broiler diets during coccidiosis infections. While her focus is on poultry, her experience extends to other monogastric animals, including swine and companion animals.


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