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Ancera Monitors 50 Millionth Broiler Chicken to Improve Safety and Profitability of Food Production

On June 12, 2023, Ancera, the innovator of supply chain intelligence that improves the safety and profitability of food production, announced key growth metrics, including impressive milestones for its groundbreaking solutions.

Since launching commercial operations, the company has monitored 50MM birds to date. The data come from Ancera’s field trials and first enterprise customers. Ancera now integrates more than 100 data sources into profiles for each USDA FSIS-regulated facility by combining its proprietary diagnostic analytics, production history, and open-source intelligence.

According to Ancera’s Coccidia and production data, two out of three U.S. poultry farms still have opportunities to improve their performance and profitability. Ancera’s next-generation assays’ data algorithms identify which farms are underperforming and provide real-time visibility — a critical first step in optimizing decisions and outputs.

“Production issues such as managing animal diseases are considered a cost of doing business for food producers, but our platform finds new profit centers at a time when industry margins are under heavy pressure,” said Arjun Ganesan, founder and CEO of Ancera. “Ancera is focused on delivering cutting-edge monitoring capabilities that enable birds to reach full weight faster with less feed. Our milestone is significant because this approach monitors 10 times more samples than a visiting veterinarian and statistically models the entire population. These large datasets allow integrators to discover new ways to reduce threats and increase their margins.”

The company’s flagship data product, Coccidia System Monitoring (CSM), gives integrators the ability to identify Coccidia, a disease that hampers poultry health and productivity, in real-time with simple, easy-to-use software. The platform quantifies production risk, arming producers with the data needed to prevent adverse events, optimize feed and control program costs, and manage poultry operations with new levels of precision.

Founded in 2012, Ancera has secured more than $50MM in funding to date, building its R&D and applied sciences laboratories to develop next-generation assays for the food industry. In 2020 the company added Joe Sturonas, VP of Systems Development, and Dr. Craig Kiebler in 2021 as VP of Product Innovation to build Ancera’s supply chain analytics platform on top of its data generation capabilities. The company’s new business model has seen significant market interest, as it expects the customer base to continuously double each year. For more information, visit https://www.ancera.com.

About Ancera

Ancera improves the profitability of food production with deeper supply chain intelligence. Backed by advanced microbiology, data science, and industry insider expertise, Ancera generates the largest decision-focused datasets in the poultry industry for new visibility into the supply chain. With actionable insights in near real-time that make complex data more accessible and easy to understand, Ancera increases profits for food producers by improving productivity, risk, and safety. For more information, visit https://www.ancera.com/.


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