Apr 30

Ally Energy Solutions is pleased to announce its collaboration with long-time food production partners and technology supply chainvendors to identify, assess, source, and deploy a rapid, accurate, and safe temperature pre-screening system for employees entering manufacturing or food production facilities, shipping and distribution warehouses, and other high-volume business environments. Within seconds, the system, which uses highly sensitive infrared camera technology, scans an individual’s face and obtains a highly accurate internal reference temperature that can be used to determine safe entry or the need for a second temperature reading.

Ally Covid19 Site Screening System v1“Because of our longstanding relationships with our supply chain partners and clients, wewere able to quickly pivot in order to provide this screening technology,” said AllyExecutive Vice President and Founding Partner Troy Moran. “In our first deployment at anessential food production facility, we scanned 1,000 workers, identified 25 of thoseworkers for secondary scans, and confirm 12 had elevated temperatures.”

The infrared scanning process can be conducted while maintaining the recommended sixfootdistance between scan operator and employee – an improvement over handheldscanners which, by nature, require close proximity. With the infrared system, employee wellness is increased, the potential spread of the virus is decreased, and essential businesses can continue to operate.

View the fact sheet here.


Covid19 Site Screening Technology Details:

The Ally team configures, pre-commissions, and delivers the self-contained screening system, then provides onsite set-up and operator training. The system includes a heat2sensing camera, a PC loaded with pre-configured software and a clear partition shieldthat provides a physical barrier between the scan subject and the scan operator. The operator and subject are able to maintain the recommended 6’ distance throughout the process.

For more information about Ally Energy Solutions, please visit: https://ally-energy.com/.To find out more about infrared wellness site screening technology, please contact Shawn Rash at 844-237-2559.

About Ally Energy Solutions: Ally Energy Solutions LLC delivers turnkey energysolutions to manufacturing, industrial and distribution facilities throughout the U.S. Ally looks at energy savings opportunities from the whole facility and facility owner perspective,with an emphasis on relationships over transactions. Through the relentless pursuit ofsustainable, financially viable savings opportunities, the Ally team has earned the privilegeto serve as the trusted energy advisor to some of the largest facility owners, utilities andtechnologists in the world. For more information, visit: https://ally-energy.com/


Source: Ally Energy


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