May 08

Five of six consumers taking part in a focus group discussion at the 2019 Animal Agriculture Alliance Stakeholders Summit identified themselves as egg consumers. But of those five, only one said she seeks out eggs that carry specialty labels such as cage free, free range or organic.

Meanwhile, the one who didn’t identify as an egg consumer, indicated she wished she could be.

The focus group participants represented a diverse demographic group.

Focus group moderator Anne-Marie Roerink, Principal, 210 Analytics, asked each of the panelists, which represented a diverse demographic group, about what types of eggs they choose to purchase.

Here is what they had to say:

Thomas, 63, married for 35 years

“(I buy) just regular ol’ eggs.”

Bill, 55, single and lives with a roommate

“I have a friend whose sister has a farm, so I get a lot of eggs from them.”

Kristine, 39, single

“I love eggs; eggs don’t love me.”

Victoria, 33, mother of two who lives with significant other 

“We eat a lot of eggs, so I buy a 60-pack at Walmart, and I buy it because it’s a good deal because we eat so many eggs. I really don’t get into the specifics.”

Zach, 28, married and father of two

“We probably eat 60 eggs a week. We probably eat at least 10 to 12 eggs at breakfast. If there is a sale of free-range or organic (we might buy them), but you know, it’s just mass quantities.”

Lynn, 50-something, single

“I do look for organic, cage-free and free-range (eggs).

The same focus group offered responses to other questions related to special labels, animal welfare and what factors they consider when making purchasing decisions. All focus group members said they did either all or some of the grocery shopping for their household.

The summit is being held May 8-9 in Kansas City, Missouri.

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