Apr 26

Having passed from Groupe Grimaud's embrace to that of the Aviagen Group since February 15, 2018 Hubbard will continue to keep its own identity. Hubbard remains a totally independent entity within the Aviagen Group, with its own R&D, its own sales and support teams, as well as administrative support. The headquarts of the company is also maintained in France.

During the time before the change of ownership, we have gone through some very difficult times. The necessary operational and stragetic restructuring that resulted from this ownership transition, will only b efully completed by the midle of 2019. Immediate benefit for Hubbard is that Aviagen Group has inejcted significant financial and human resources into Hubbard, particularly into the R&D. It is our clear goal to accelerate genetic progress on several important parameters: e.g. FCR, meat yield and robustness.

During this year we have moved forward in a dertmined way to make the ncessary changes for a better future of our customers, our company and employees. The final result ultimately leads to even better products and services that meet the different needs of various markets in the world. Not only now, but also in the future, we can continue to underline our main obejctive with pride: "Hubbard: your choice, our commitment!"

In the coming period owe will keep you informed of new developments and investements.

On behalf of the Hubbard team, I would like to wish all our customers and business partners a prosperous and healthy 2019.

 Source: Hubbard Newsletter April 2019

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