Oct 25

This year, The Poultry Federation served as both a financial and career exploration sponsor of the 2018 Animal Science Exploration Day (ASED) at the University of Missouri.

In its third year, ASED had a great turnout of 40 high school students along with 25 parents and teachers.

ASED is a student-run and sponsor-driven day camp founded by a graduate student and instructor in the Division of Animal Sciences. The aim of the camp is to provide high school students of all backgrounds the opportunity to come to campus, learn about animal science curriculum, get hands-on experience, meet current students, and learn about potential careers at a very low cost. Further, we wanted to give current students, both graduate and undergraduate, an opportunity to serve as leaders in a community outreach event. 

During the event attendees spent the morning participating in discipline specific laboratories and activities designed by current students. Students participated in activities such as diet formulations for ruminant and monogastric animals, DNA extraction, sperm analysis, and processed meat taste panels. Giving students a full and well-rounded idea of what animal science truly entails. 

This year, a career fair was provided for the students after lunch. Students were able to meet with representatives from several animal science related companies and corporations where they learned about the diverse career options available to an animal science graduate. The Poultry Industry was represented by multiple great panelists including John Bryan – Missouri Operations for The Poultry Federation, Dr. Liz McGill of Cargill, as well as Jo Manhart and Nate Moore of the Missouri Egg Council. 

Finally, students, parents and teachers visited the campus swine, horse, beef, and sheep farms where they learned about the facilities as well as hands on interaction with some of the animals.  The goal of ASED is to provide all students, regardless of background, the opportunity to participate in a hands-on program that introduces them to the fundamentals of animal science and what Mizzou has to offer. 

The 2018 ASED was directed and led by Addison Byrne, an Instructor in Animal Science and Jade Cooper, a PhD Meat Science student under Dr. Carol Lorenzen.

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